View Full Version : Getting Ready For Summer ?

13-03-05, 17:29
For those who enjoy the garden in the summer evening...you know, a group of friends round, jug of pimms and loads on the barbe, go and buy yourself a packet of night scented stock seeds.

They will cost around £1.50 and this will give you over 1,000 plants. They can be sown now in a cold greenhous or where they are to flower straight in the ground.

They look shocking during the day....almost dead but as soon as twilight approaches, the flowers open up and emit the most heavenly scent that can be smelled all over the garden.

Plant small clumps in tubs near where you sit in the evening and you will not be disappointed



13-03-05, 17:39
Good advice Jevs,

nothing to beat the smell of night scented stock and Honeysuckle on a warm summers night, taking it easy with a few beers B)

13-03-05, 21:31
Sounds interesting.. May well give that a shot !



13-03-05, 22:30
Thanks for that reminder Andy. Will do that.

The only smell that is stronger and nicer is that of a big palm tree in my front garden ( no idea what kind it is). It gives off this unbelievable perfume all down the road for about 2 weeks in July.

14-03-05, 00:28
find it interesting that most people interested in fish tanks are also keen gardeners like my self nothing like it sitting out in the summer nights smell of roses honey suckle and jasmin i love climbers in the garden gives it another scope that and my magnolia tree i love cant wait .