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16-11-06, 10:29
I am a fan of Star Wars but other than re-affirming that this is a crazy mixed up, over-populated world, I don't know what to make if this.


16-11-06, 10:54
I think it is hilarious and it is true that loads of people put down Jedi as their religion - I wouyld if asked seein as I am not religious at all!

I reckon it has just as much right to be recognised as a religion as any other, its all mumbo jumbo methinks!

May the force be with you


PS - How did Darth Vader know what he was getting for Christmas?
He felt his presence.

16-11-06, 12:15
i put my faith down as jedi in 2001 census as there was an email going round asking people to do so as if you hit a certain number then its made a properly religion.


16-11-06, 12:22
I did. Apparently it was made one last year!

16-11-06, 13:45
I did it in the last census as well. To be honest it's probably a more sane religion than most others!!