View Full Version : Richard Hamond interview with Jonathon Ross tonight at 11.00pm

22-12-06, 22:07
Top GearsHamond is back, any motor fanatics on here, you must must watch hamond on TV at 11 pm tonight
With Jonathen Ross.

Saw sum snippits this morning on BBC breakfast tv show looks Great

Great to see him back in health i think, What do you think?

22-12-06, 22:20
Radio Times says it's at 22:35.

Or at least the wife tells me that Radio Times has it at 22:35 which may or may not be the same thing!

22-12-06, 22:22
good to see the hamster up and about

22-12-06, 22:27
Seems a Great bloke, im glad to see him come through it!

As for the time time

Men are from mars women are from venus!?

22-12-06, 23:36
just watched it.

norman wisdon looks good for his age but not as funny as he used to be.

enjoyed the hamster interview, disappointed no mention of the north yorks air ambulance?

still good tho'

23-12-06, 10:26
He is one lucky lucky B******. Can't believe he looks so good after such an injury.

23-12-06, 10:28
He sure is, no scares or anything.