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Russ n Vics
27-04-07, 10:24
Hi everyone, i hope you are all well.
This is my first post, so apologies if i dont make too much sense!

I have recently introduced a Leather Toadstool coral into my tank, but i just need to clarify if i have put it in the right place, and done the right thing with it!

When i purchased it from my local shop, it was looking beautiful, polyps fully extended and looking very healthy.
Once bagged up to transport it, obviously the polyps retracted. Once aclimatised over several hours, very slowly and very carefully, i placed it on some rock which had what appeared to be a perfect platform for it to attach to.

The thing is, it has been in the tank for about 6 days now and has only extended some polyps a few millimetres maybe two or three times. It also doesn't apear to have attached yet although i cannot be sure as i have deliberatley left it alone.

Can anyone please tell me if i am exprecting too much too soon, or is it failing to survive?

Tank conditions are good, all levels checked at least weekly, and allother livestock doing very well. Tank is a jewel 240 ltr, Lighting 4x Blue T5's and 2x 150 W Metal Halides.

Thanks in advance for any information given
Russ n Vics

27-04-07, 10:31
Was it on a piece of rock when you bought it? If not then it won't open until it is firmly affixed in place, if you wedge it with another piece of rock, or use a wooden toothpick to secure it, it may attach more quickly. If there's any rock on the bottom from when you bought it you could milliput it into place also

27-04-07, 10:37
Hi and welcome, don't worry, that's what this site is for.

Leather corals are well-known for 'sulking' when subjected to a change in conditions, it's nothing to worry about if all your parameters are OK. Given moderate to good flow and light it will be fine.
You ask about it attaching itself though, did it not come attached to a piece of rock?


27-04-07, 10:38
Hey, Welcome to UR :wave:

Leather corals although regarded as being easy to keep, do tend to sulk a lot. There can be many causes of this, we'd need a little more detail to properly help i think, such as is the leather directly under on of the halides? Has it got lots of flow directly on it?

A picture would help a lot give us a better idea of where its sat.

Failing that, they dont like high amounts of light, or flow, put ti towards the bottom if not on the bottom, and not in the path of any beasty powerheads, and give it a day or 2.

I also though i'd mention, my leather is very fussy with light patterns. When my timers are behaving and working, it will come out in its full glory, if they dont and i do it manualy, and the time the lights come on is different to when the timers would switch them on, it sulks. I dont know if thats just my coral though. Just thought i'd mention it. :o

Hope that helps?

Russ n Vics
27-04-07, 10:41
Don't know if you can swear on this forum!! but bloody hell that was a quick reply! Thanks. No it wasn't on a peice of rock when i brought it so i guess patience is required?
When you say about wedging it with rock, do you mean maybe building a bit of rock up around the stem to force or pinch it down a little?

Thanks again Russ n Vics

27-04-07, 10:55
Just something that will stop it moving about in the current, plus as above don't have it too close to your lights

Here's a wee piccy of mine taken 5 mins ago!!


Or is this a mushroom leather - I get confused :~

Russ n Vics
27-04-07, 10:57
Ooohhhh its just not fair!!!
Mine looked a little like that in the shop!!
Will move it to bottom of tank as its currently half way up. Other than that, i think i'll just be patient.

Thanks guys.

27-04-07, 10:59
Yeah i wouldn't worry mate, it'll settle, took me about 2 weeks to find a spot mine like, only then did it open up fully with polyps extending. It'll settle.

And as for the quick response......

Thats what were here for :cool: :D


little lost!
29-04-07, 15:19
hi skyline
in answer to your question no it`s not just your mushroom that gets the munk on if you mess with the timers mine does as well just like a sulky teenager!:)

02-05-07, 08:25
I bought a toadstool from a LFS which wasn't attached to a rock, the method I found that worked is to get one of those barnacle colonies you can buy in fish shops now (the dried ones) and wedge the base of the toadstool into an appropriately big hole. It has been doing fine for about 8 months, and is gradually taking over the rest of the barnacle.


02-05-07, 08:38
Our toadstool stands directly in the flow, and on the bottom of the aquarium so it gets not too much light and the toadstool always stands open. You can see pics of it in my posting: hello from holland.