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01-12-08, 18:54
Hi All,
Well long story cut short Im not happy with the colour from my corals.
Some are pale others not so much browned out just dull colours.
Anyway Ive tested my po4 and nitrate levels and these are po4 below the lowest reading on the D+D kit but showing colour when you put it on zero . The nitrates are measuring at 1ppm on a salifert kit but this was 0 untill Ive started feeding heavier with zeo additives.
The system is run on zeovit feeding cv and aa both 4 drops per day on a 140g system.
Anyway back to the point is po4 and nitrate readings the only 'nutrient' readings we are intrested in while testing?

01-12-08, 19:09
I started a similar thread to this a year or so ago.

Like you, I'm not happy with my corals colouration although mine are a lot worse than yours.

Like you, my tank parameters are good, <0.01 Po4 <5ppm No3 although if you look back at some of the TOTM systems, there are a lot that are running very high No3 levels but the coral colours are stunning.

I seem to have organic matter in my tank for some reason. I run a large skimmer and GAC but there is something going on there.
Following my thread about it, somone sent me a Salifert organics test kit but it wasn't much cop to be honest.
So, to sum up, I can't offer any help at all :o:laugh:
But, I do believe that some systems suffer an organic load for no obvious reason.
In my own tank I have removed a load of 'nems and am replacing some of the LR in case I'm missing a particular strain of bacteria or something like that.

Good luck, I'll be watching this thread with interest.

01-12-08, 19:28
If there are particular colours that are poor (eg greens, blues) then there are several additives in the KZ range to counter this. Are you testing potassium and iodine?

01-12-08, 21:27
Im not dosing or testing for potasium or iodine and its not one colour in particular that Im not happy with , its across the board with them all really.
The skimmer I run is a deltec ap701 and it was a fm ultraskim2 before that . Both skimmers are rated about 2 1/2 times tank volume and I havent got a large fish load so this should be enough to cope with any nutrients.
Now the thing that makes me think I have a nutrient problem is the fact that red sea pulsing xenia grows like a weed and I mean its got to the point when if left unchecked will dominate the tank overwhelming anything in its path.
Or could it be photoinhibition? Im not really thinking this could be the problem because I only have a 24" deep tank with 250w 10k blv halides in lumenarcs with the lamp 250mm/10" away from the water but looking at claytons graph on par output which runs on a similar sized tank to mine the levels of par arent that bad compared to where I have my corals.

Does anyone else have any opinions on corsetts theory on some tanks suffering from a nutient problem with no apparent reason?

01-12-08, 21:43
I know it may not help but I really think that some corals and some colours especially just need more light aswell as the right nutrients in low amounts so maybe tweaking your lighting will have an effect especially if you allready have low nutrients also the xenia has gone mad in my tank too.

01-12-08, 23:48
i am having similar probs Martin

sounds like i am running similar too, and again the p04 and n03 are both the barest minimum

yet for example my pink hystrix is brownish ???
yet i have a vivid green monti, deep orange monti and others with good colouration

i am running prodibio, and feel i may be adding nutrients almost being when i add the carbon source every other week...still unsure as to what to do next

only thing i look to have slightly more than you is fish load, but again, N03 is 10 or less and po4 undetectable :shrug:

02-12-08, 10:13
Personally, if you are getting very pale pastel colours, yet good growth, then I feel the issue is feeding the corals. At low levels of nutrient with mega skimming, the corals are effectively being starved. Try some coral foods or preparations you may find that this improves the depth of your colours.

There was an interesting thread about this some time ago, I'll try to find it...