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rattters 30-12-12 19:27

Tank of the Month - January 2013 - Angiet

Happy New Year all, TOTM 2013 kicks off in style with Angiet and her fabulous reef tank.

The colours of the corals and fish are a credit to Angie, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' it isn't!

So, sit back, forget the hangover, and take in this superb slice of reef that Angie has created....

"Congratulations Angie you are UltimateReef's January Tank of the Month".

Angiet (Angie) January 2013
http://www.ultimatereef.net/uploader...8 22.52.30.jpg

Thank you to Angie for sharing her outstanding tank with us. If you have any questions or comments then please post them in this thread.

Cakey 01-01-13 17:43

Awesome tank Angie , well done .

johnnymo9210 01-01-13 18:03

Very nice Angie well done.

-Aaron- 01-01-13 18:04

Congrats and well done. :)

pavlo 01-01-13 18:09

Some stunning colours there, well done.

wahaj 01-01-13 18:14

Very well deserved Angie, well done! :applause:

ashmac 01-01-13 18:24

awesome tank

gtouk1981 01-01-13 18:25

Congratulations on tank of the month well deserved


disco_dave 01-01-13 18:26

Well done Angie, great colours....And you totally deserve this!

clyde1973 01-01-13 18:40

very nice

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