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Time for an update....

The Arduino/automation side of the project is now complete (Thanks to Hugh and his hard work) . Unfortunately I can't do much with it as im still waiting for the replacement LEDs from Cutter so havent been able to finish the wiring

In the mean time here are some photos of the arduino etc. :-

Assembled. Im am probably going to ditch the idea of having the display showing through the front of the fixture and just have the whole unit sitting inside.

Boards seperated. Arduino (left), LCD display (right) and interface board (centre) with RTC chip, crystal, battery, buffer (to protect arduino when controlling multiple buckpucks) and connectors etc.

And some screenshots:-

Main screen. The bars at the top show the current intensity of each colour of LED. There is a temperature reading from the temp sensor and the current date and time. The botton line is used to scroll between different screens.

Time/Date adjust screen.

LED test screen. This allows me to manually set the intensity of each LED and has display bars like the main screen.

Extras Screen. The speed up option increases the speed by 20 (3 seconds per minute) for testing. The from EEPROM option loads a test data array from memory. The debug screen option outputs status data to the arduino software for debugging.

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