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  1. rattters reef............just got bigger!! 
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    Oct 2008
    Current FTS as of 01/11/12

    Video as of 01/11/12....

    System details:

    Skimmer: Deltec TC3070 fed from a Eheim 5000
    Pumps: 3xMP40(2 on the r/h side, 1 on the l/h side) 1xPolario 7ML (behind the rock structure on the l/h side) 1xTunze 6015
    Heaters: 2x400w Visitherm
    Chiller/Cooler: Hailea 500 plus a pair of GHL Breeze 5's over the tank
    Ultra Violet: TMC 2x55w commercial unit
    Phosphate Reactor: 4xIn line pods with AquaPhos Xtra
    Calcium Reactor: DaStaCo 2000 with Coarse Aquamedic Hydrocarbonate
    Control System: GHL Profilux PIII Ex
    Ozone: Aqua Digital controlled thro' GHL
    Lights - VHOs: ATI Powermodule 8*80w
    Tube config:


    KZ coral light
    Fiji purple
    KZ new gen
    ATI AquablueSpecial


    2x24w units mounted across the tank at either end
    Both with one each of ATI Blue Plus & Aqua Blue Special

    Top up: GHL-optical sensor controlled
    RO Unit: Osmotics 4 stage 300gpd

    Tank Specifications
    Tank Dimensions: 72x30x30
    Sump Dimensions: See below for sump info
    Tank Volume: 218 gals (1000 litres)
    System Volume: 363 gals (1650 litres)

    Sump stack set up

    The frag tank is 3x2x15'' (212l)
    Main sump is 4x2x2 (190l) 10'' water depth
    Fuge is 30x12x13 (77l)
    Settlement tank is 2x2x18'' (170l)

    Total volume of the stack is 649 litres

    The flow from the tank returns into the settlement tank through 50mm pipes, controlled by a gate valve.
    The ball valves allow the settlement tank to be isolated for water changes and changing the filter sock which is a 200 micron.
    To the left of the tank is a 25l container for the ATU, this is connected to the IBC in the garage so topping up the container is easy!
    The pump in the tank is for the chiller, the hole in the bottom of the tank is for water changes so when the tank is isolated the water can be pumped down the drain by opening a ball valve next to the waste for the sink, and switching on a pump under the tank. Gravity will do the job, but a pump makes it quicker!!
    The new water is then 'dropped' in from above, the mixing tank is the same size as the settlement tank.

    The water flows from the settlemnent tank into the main sump, this contains all the returns from the frag tank, UV, DaStaCo and fuge which is on the top shelf.
    The fuge is returned into a 400 micron sock to prevent any macro algae being sucked into the pumps.
    The centre section houses the TC2060, fed by a Eheim 1260, the same as the original sump set up.
    In the return section are 2 Lagunas, a 7500 which feeds the UV, PO4 pods, fuge and frag tank, and a 11000 which is the return to the main display.

    Above the main sump is the frag tank and above this is the fuge...

    The frag tank is still settling down, so far so good....

    The fuge tank, bit bright though

    Mixing tank...

    And a few more pics which I hope helps 'explain' the set up...

    Current fish list:

    Rosy Scaled wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis)
    Starry blenny (Salarias ramosus)
    Common clowns x 2 (Amphiprion ocellaris)
    Green chromis x 5 (Chromis viridis)
    Banggai (Pterapogon kauderni)
    Clown goby (Gobiodon okinawae)
    Six line wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia)
    Bariene(Acanthurus bariene)
    Vampire(Acanthurus tennenti)
    Tomini(Ctenochaetus tominiensis)
    Yellow Tail Purple(Zebrasoma xanthurum)
    Red Sea Sailfin (Zebrasoma desjardinii)
    Achilles (Acanthurus Achilles)
    Midas Blenny (Ecsenius midas)
    Lyretail x 6 (Pseudanthias squamipinnis)
    Naso/Lipstick (Naso lituratus)
    Pair Leopard wrasse (Macropharyngodon bipartitus)
    Ornate wrasse (Halichoeres ornatissimus)
    Kole (Ctenochaetus strigosus)

    Total-30 fish

    Water Parameters
    Temperature: 26
    pH: 8
    Salinity: 35
    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: 2.5
    Phosphate: 0.008
    Calcium: 420
    KH: 8
    Magnesium: 1350
    Iodine: 0.06
    Potassium: 400
    Redox: 350
    Regards Mark

    'The Big One'...The 'Old' 72x30x30 box! ......TOTM November 2012............Start your own tank thread here ......

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    Oct 2008
    Part One

    For the past few months now I have been considering an upgrade, mainly for the benefit of my stock and more so my Tangs.
    Even though they are happy in the current tank I knew that one day I would have to make a decision to either part company with them or upgrade.
    Parting company wasn't really something I wanted to do, they have been with me now for a couple of years and I have grown attached to them.
    So, the search began for a new tank, after a lot of research on tanks, getting quotes etc I began to wonder if an upgrade was out of reach due to the costs involved as ideally I wanted a 6x3x2 (LxWxH)

    Whilst browsing the tank threads on here I noticed Reef bloke was considering a house move and possibly closing his tank down to help make the move easier for him.

    Three weeks ago I fired a PM off to Tony asking if he was to close the tank down would he consider selling it to me, the rest as they say is history.

    A couple of days later and we set off to look at the tank, first impressions were not disappointing, my mind was made up in a nano second

    Unknown to me the wife had booked a small cottage in Rochester so after agreeing the deal on the tank off we went in search of the cottage and a few drinks to celebrate.

    The day after looking at the tank we had a quick look around the town and made our way home.

    Rochester Castle & Cathedral

    The planning then began in earnest for the arrival of the 'new' tank.......

    March 09......

    Quote Originally Posted by rattters View Post
    I managed to squeeze it through the doors and into the utility room.
    Oh, the utility room door had to come off to get it through.

    So here it was and the process of filling it began, it won't be in here long, honest
    And two years later, March 2011

    Tank site

    The new tank would sit on a different wall in the lounge, mainly so when you walk in the room it 'hits' you in the face.

    Part Two

    Three weeks after seeing the tank and getting a few willing helpers organised off we set to collect the tank.

    The day was planned with military precision , Rambo was at the helm and in charge of the troops (don't you think he looks like Billy from DIY SOS-see next post )

    chamby was at mine for 06.20 and we set off to Rams house, a quick look at Rams tank and a cuppa then off to collect the van from Stevenage.

    On route a quick stop at H2O aquatics to collect some sand and a few other bits and off we set again, the attraction of a burger van then appealed and we drawn in for a well earned breakfast bap!

    We arrived at Reef Blokes (Tony) house at 10.45 and set about loading the tank & cab, Pavlo & Hippolad were on hand to help out at this end.
    Another cuppa ensued and the guys made easy work of loading up.

    Not what you expect to see on your shopping trolley in Tesco

    The story of the cardboard, sellotape, tank and the side of the van can wait

    Just before noon we set off for the journey back to mine.
    Regards Mark

    'The Big One'...The 'Old' 72x30x30 box! ......TOTM November 2012............Start your own tank thread here ......

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    Oct 2008

    Billy aka Rambo

    In these pictures:

    Scott-Vikky's hubby

    Kelvin-Vikky's son-18 on the day
    Tim-next door neighbour-wrong place, wrong time for him!
    Regards Mark

    'The Big One'...The 'Old' 72x30x30 box! ......TOTM November 2012............Start your own tank thread here ......

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    Oct 2008
    Sunday was spent 'messing' around, polishing the cab & glass, just sitting staring at this mega tank now sitting in the room, pondering where to start.

    I have bought a few new toys to go with the tank, a 7500 Laguna for the return pump, a TC2060 which will be fed from a Eheim compact 3000 and sit in the sump and a few bags of Caribsea Fiji pink sand.

    To move the tank we had to cut off one of the downpipes under the tank, once I have this connected back up I can contemplate getting this beast filled.

    Lighting will be by my 8*80w Powermodule, for the flow I will be using my MP40's, I have 2 on the current tank plus a third in reserve.

    The tank is 72x30x30, on the cab the total height is just over 6ft
    Regards Mark

    'The Big One'...The 'Old' 72x30x30 box! ......TOTM November 2012............Start your own tank thread here ......

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    Oct 2008
    For those that don't know the history of the tank please follow the links below.

    TOTM November 2010

    Reef blokes tank thread

    Gives me something to aspire too...............
    Regards Mark

    'The Big One'...The 'Old' 72x30x30 box! ......TOTM November 2012............Start your own tank thread here ......

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    Mar 2005
    Matlock, Derbyshire
    I can't wait to see this up and running, although it will be a shame in a way to have to break down the current one.

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    Aug 2009
    look forward to following this mate, looks huge next to the current setup!
    Benji's Bigger Build
    My new (now old) tank build, please take a look


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    Jul 2004
    Im sure it will end up looking better than when i owned it, couldnt have gone to a nicer bloke that knows his stuff.

    All the best with her Mark.


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    May 2007
    Definitely subscribing to this, incredible just how much it towers over the 5x2x2.

    Agree with Lucy, it's a shame to close the old system down. Althought I'm sure you have leant so much with that sytem to bring over.

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    Sep 2009
    Bradford west Yorkshire

    What are the plans for the tank what corals are you planning on keeping ? any new fish ?


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