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  1. Great Corals, Great service 
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    Just like to thank Jason publicly for the great service/communication/coral delivery/packaging (arrived 8.30 a.m. this morning!) and most of all the great corals, now I'm not one to be easily impressed and say so if I think I have been short changed, but the same goes the other way when I get the opposite - thought I'd seen blue tenuis before until I saw this peach simply unbelievable mate, the zoas are out already!
    Never saw the coral beforehand just thought I'd trust the guy and what he described - pleased I did, just goes to show there are still the odd retailer around that can deliver on their promises - this guys definately one of them.
    You've made my B'Day mate, thankyou.
    ps remember, as I said before if you get 3/4 more as blue and as good as this pm me and i will buy them, simple as, ok?

    Glad all went well Simon,,i will keep you posted as to what turns up m8 ,and thanks for the fantastic feedback

    If you need anything give me a bell m8


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