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    hi im thinking of getting a betta lifespace 90lt tank but ive herd good and bad things about them. ive herd that the skimmer supplied with them is a pain and the hood with the lights on blow all the time could eny one tell me abit more about these tanks (if you have one or herd eny thing about them) meny thanks billy

    also is there a club in or around grimsby area that someone could tell me about as i carnt find out nothing on the internet.

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    i have a betta lifespace 90l and they are good tanks

    i only bought it in november
    i may be selling it soon tho, and getting a custom tank

    yes the skimmer is a pain but almost all nano skimmers are the same
    so far ive had no problems with the light, and the fans are nice and quiet aswell
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    I too have this tank and for the money I think its a great bit of kit.
    The skimmer is a pain so I now use a V2 Nano skimmer which I picked up on a certain auction site for not a lot of money.
    I have however been through a couple of hoods. The first one the fans kept sticking and then gave up. It was just out of warranty but a whole new hood including lights and bulbs was only 30 quid. My second hood had the lighting issue, they kept tripping the upstairs of the house. I have had that hood replaced under warranty.
    Other than that I have had no issues with it.
    Hope this helps

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    I have a Betta 90 too, bought it from someone a few months ago.

    When you got the V2 Nano skimmer, did you have any issues with it?? I bought one from that certain auction site too but the lid wont close properly because of the collection cup. and if i push it, it ends up disconnecting the collection cup from the body of the skimmer. I also dont know how to work the skimmer properly it the tank as whenever it goes below the water level it doesnt seem to generate many bubbles in it.

    Help please!!!

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    i bought one second hand ,no idea what skimmer i have but its ok,had to solder a wire back on to 1 fan ,now ok.and also screws starting to rust in lid so got some selant to go over them,also put an extra power head in for a bit of extra kick,and a blue aqua ray flexi strip to add to the 3 led's in already which worked wonders for the nyt viewing
    i think it is a good little set up though. 12 week on, running ok

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    Before I upgraded I had one of these tanks set up for over 2 years, it was a good little tank. I have a old tank thread on here somewhere and I'll find it out for you to have a look trough. The skimmer did break but I managed to run the tank skimmer less, the lights were no problem though
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