Thread: TMC V2 iLumenAir or Razor??

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  1. TMC V2 iLumenAir or Razor?? 
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    Ok, time to start looking for a new LED light in January.

    I currently have old aquaray tiles and am looking at either of the above.

    i have a 5ft tank so would either need 2x the TMC light or one razor 300w

    Opinions please?

    Also does anyone know of any January sales for marine equipment or livestock??



    Hello mate,

    In terms of performance question you're a little late!

    You should get alot of opinions on which will be best but I believe the razor is winning overall.
    This guy has just picked up the 300w razor for a 6ft. It will be a good read!

    And finally the sales, I would head over to this section to see whats going on;

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