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Old 17-05-10, 17:56
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Duncan won't open fully

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this with a Duncan but I've got a stunning example of the species which was the centrepiece in my reef however since moving it about three months ago from one end of the tank to the other it hasn't opened again fully

It seems that on one side of the coral a few heads are peeping out but it won't open fully which is really frustrating as it was getting to a really nice size - around 40 heads.

All of my other corals seem to be OK and the water params are fine too
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Old 17-05-10, 17:59
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Moray Eel
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maybe to much flow, or have you moved it up or down in the water column ? maybe just adjusting to light change?? or to close to another coral ??
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Old 17-05-10, 20:00
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Sounds familiar...Highly unlikely to be the same cause as mine, but they are sometimes real divas about being disturbed by anything, whether it be light, flow or other life in the tank. I moved mine about 6" and it just stopped opening altogether. I could see it starting to recede, so decided to move it from the main tank into my nano (which I use as a tlc/special needs tank). Because I have an aip problem in the main tank, I left duncan floating in a small container in the nano for a few hours, to double check there were no stray aips. When I went back to check, a large pinky brown worm was wandering around the container, with its tail still in a hole in the duncan's base... When I looked closer, saw it was a eunice, removed it and within 24 hours the duncan was out again, suggesting that the worm had been irritating it...
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