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Identification Request information on a coral / fish / species in here.

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Old 28-02-12, 13:07
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I like to see them in my tank tbh..
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Old 28-02-12, 13:39
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Ha ha reminds me of when i first started off with a biorb and my heater went a bit dodgy. i think i cooked everything in there including the bristle worms. Any way i can guarentee that there are more than you can see! by the time i cleared my biorb there were literly hundreds of them!!!! all dead! ooh yeh and two shrimp things that id never put in there?
all said they are harmless and good clean up crew- just watch your fingers!!
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Old 28-02-12, 14:02
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Moray Eel
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when i first got my tank it was matured i set it up and the same very night was watching the tank after lights out went back to it after an hour or so and there was this thing spread across the front of the tank about 1/3 of the way across or just under that and my tank is 4 foot got it out str8 away with forceps looked it up and found out what they where and my decision from then was leave the little ones in take the big ones out lol. i see them all the time about 6-7 inches long. aparently it feels like a gnat bight but a bit less everyone says the sting lasts for 6 weeks but i was told its more like 3 days
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Old 28-02-12, 14:33
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The sweet thing about them is they grow and multiply based on how much left over food is in the tank....

If you overfeed your fish, then they will prosper!
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