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Probiotic and Ultra Low Nutrient Post your questions, advice or experiences concerning these new methods. e.g. Prodibio, Fauna Marin and Zeovit

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Old 11-03-12, 01:14
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Interesting new Zeo reactor from Avast

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Old 11-03-12, 07:39
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Seen this and think its an interesting concept, my initial concern was prices against a traditional zee reactor.
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Old 11-03-12, 08:00
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Does it spin then? Like the swabbie does? Wouldnt the stones have to be jam packet otherwise water would just pass over the top of them unless it doesn't sit on it's side
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Old 11-03-12, 18:24
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Not that keen on it TBH, it sits outside the sump and unsure re stones and flow issues.
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Old 11-03-12, 18:36
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As if we don't struggle for room in our sumps as it is

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Old 14-03-12, 18:38
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Looks like it can be run without a sump which would a appeal to people who don't have one and want to start the full zeo system I guess.

I hear a lot of people in that situation usually use a canister filter and have to shake it a few times a day which sounds like a pain in the butt.
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