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Old 17-04-12, 00:03
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coral sea resort why??? you gonna tell me somin bad lol. they are not the cheapest though lol, is there any advice like take my own wet suit n stuff
my first marine tank 4ft
1 six line wrass 2 perc clowns
1 bicolour dottyback 1 yellow tang
1 scooter blenny 3 chromis
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Old 17-04-12, 09:56
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Elite Diving.

Elite Diving would be my choice, after hearing a lot of good things about them - I wasn't let down!

When I used them to get my Padi open water I didn't need to worry about a thing. They even arrange to pick up you in the morning in your hotel and get you to the boat or beach for the days diving. Really great. And for an added bonus your always welcome to go out to a local bar for a few beers with them all after a 'hard' days diving Can't beat it
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Old 17-04-12, 10:09
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Originally Posted by Jbroadway View Post
coral sea resort why??? you gonna tell me somin bad lol. they are not the cheapest though lol, is there any advice like take my own wet suit n stuff
i stayed there a few years ago when there was nothing outside the hotel but desert, now its all bars and restaurants , really nice place, hotel is immaculate, food wasnt bad, alot better than ive had from other hotels in sharm, the alcoholic drinks werent upto much though and found out alot of people took there own bottle of jd or whatever and put it behind the bar upstairs (irish bar)
theres a seafood restaurant right next to the dive centre on the beach and that was great for 3 or 4 beers to wash the salt away after a days diving.
be careful with the mini bar in the room, if your not going to use it then ask them to empty it....trust me they will charge you for things you havent had !!!
in all its a nice hotel and i cant praise aquarius enough infact i just email them the hotel im staying and the date i want picking up and they email me a pick up time and thats it !

enjoy, you will love it and if you ever do aow course make sure you return and do the thistlegorm, you wont regret it.

by all means take your own wet suit as they charge per item hired per day, i always take my own gear but its such a lump to lug around !
one last point.......its an english run dive school !

anymore questions please drop me a pm.
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