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Old 04-09-01, 14:04
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Hello all

I have in my reef system 2x purple leg marble shrimps "lots of other things aswell" But these two are being a bit of a problem to put it mildly I got them from a friend who was closing his tank "Moving house"They were different from the usual shrimps, after placing them in my reef i decided to read up on them,I wish i had done this before the book said NOT TO BE PLACED IN AN AQUARIUM WITH LIVE CORALS i now know why,I do not blame my friend his tank was always immaculate well stocked so damage was probably not noticable,
I have lost numerous corals Anchors, Elephant eyes and some of my Acroporas and i'm putting it down to these shrimps
Having tried traps baited hooks and nets to catch them with no luck i'm now thinking of putting in an Octopus This will mean i will probably loose my pistol shrimps which will upset some of my gobies and probably a lot of hermits and snails which i wont be able to catch, Unless some one has any other ideas i'm open to suggestions
Has any one an Octopus i could borrow?
The moral of this story is to ALWAYS read up on your future purchases BEFORE you place them in your tanks i know i will not make this mistake again.

enough for now
Happy Reefkeeping :biggrin:
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Old 04-09-01, 15:18
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Pip, gonna play the devils advocate here- How u gonna catch the octopus ??
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Old 04-09-01, 18:51
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hopefully in a baited trap, if not wait till he gets fed up and climbs out himself:biggrin:
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Old 04-09-01, 22:20
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Had one of these. LFS told me they were Reef Safe. Several :fmad: loses later I removed it. I caught it at night. Spotted it with a torch and waited until it went under a rock. Placed a very large net nearby and moved the rock quickly into the net and pulled the rock out with the shrimp attached. You might want to try some bait. A fresh frag on a small rock seems to send the right chemical messages to any predators.

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