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Old 21-04-01, 04:04
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I am not sure how available down draft style skimmers are available in the UK but I posted these plans just in case it could be of some use. I'm sure a variation of these fittings can be found the UK if needed.

*Here are some plans for a DIY auto waste collection shut off device. This device works on a down draft type skimmer. This device sits on top of a sealed container that collects waste water from your skimmer. A filter that contains carbon is place over the top of this assembly to eliminate skimmate odors ( my wife really likes that feature).

*When the skimmate level in the collection container rises high enough it causes the ping-pong ball to rise in the tube. Once the ball reaches the top of the tube it shuts off airflow through the collection container. This automatically shuts down bubble production within the skimmer riser tube. By using this you skimmer will never overflow skimmate.

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Old 21-04-01, 15:48
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i don't know anthing about downdraft skimmers Nemo, but just wanted to say thats a very impressice diagram, i'm sure some-one will find it usefull. got anything else? maybe we could do a DIY section on the main page:)
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Old 21-04-01, 16:19
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*Sorry, I guess down draft skimmers aren't available over there. Are the popular skimmers there counter current venturi?

Here's a picture of my ETS style downdraft/high speed aitation skimmer to give you an idea of how they work. Air is injected into the water stream by means of a becket fountain head. These are found in outdoor pond supply stores and are used to airate the water.
*I'm working on some diagrams for a down draft skimmer and a dual chamber calcium reactor. I'll post them when I finish them.
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