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Old 14-11-04, 20:11
dapex dapex is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 484
Hi all, I am thinking about buying a dog as soon as the new tank is up and running and stable. I want a cavalier King Charles Spaniel ( i know some may not class this as a dog.. ) Does anyone on here know anything about them or even breed them, I will buy from a breeder but as it stands I wouldn't know waht problems to look out for?


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Old 14-11-04, 20:16
guybirch guybirch is offline
Join Date: Jun 2004
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giant rat last time i checked
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Old 15-11-04, 12:26
Mode's Avatar
Mode Mode is offline
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Location: Little Dunmow, Essex
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I have one, great dogs!! Very good with kids. Mine is the same age as my son, got him when he was three months old!!

I think you have to watch out for problems with their eyes?

Got mine from champion breeder.
Virginia Barwell. Well worth a visit. When we went a swarm, and I mean a swarm of puppies charge you at the gate!!!!

Contact her at: Mrs S. V. Barwell
King Alfred's House, Bourn, Cambridge, CB3 7SP
Tel: (01954) 719337 Fax: (0870) 1333123
E-mail: [email protected]


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Old 15-11-04, 12:53
Andrewkc Andrewkc is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Thetford, Norfolk
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My 4 month old King Charles puppy Maggie is great with my little girls.

She gets a biyt hyper-active when we take her for a walk because she thinks the cars are giant dogs.

I have also heard they can get a problem with their eyes and also they can get a bit fat if you feed them too much.

I think they are great little dogs.

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Old 15-11-04, 13:35
Jevs's Avatar
Jevs Jevs is offline
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Most spaniels are reasonably good tempered, especially with kids.

We have an English Springer and they are hypo loopy dogs which would be on the go for 25 hours a day if allowed. Great fun, excellent with kids (my wife&#39;s a childminder), obidient, loyal, gregarious and just a lovely dog....especially if you like long country walks by streams and lots of undergrowth.

Cocker spaniels are very much a tamed down version of the springer. Still a good family pet but doesn&#39;t need the longer walks and is a bit calmer.

King Charles are a toned down version of the cocker and again, make great family dogs.

I might be looking for a companion for our springer soon and would considder another one...i&#39;d go for a bitch this time as they&#39;re not as head strong as a dog, or i&#39;d go for a cocker spaniel.

Good luck and look forward to seeing the pictures

Here&#39;s Murphy....the devil dog &#33;&#33;
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Old 15-11-04, 13:45
Rabbit Rabbit is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Lancashire
Posts: 1,133
Crap....I&#39;m getting closer and closer to being Jevs all the time......

I have a loverly Blue Roan Cocker. She is 5 and still thinkks she is a puupy

Spaniels are fantastic. I&#39;d def get one from a breeder.....looka round and see the pup with its mother
Rabbit (aka Mark Taylor)

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Old 15-11-04, 14:08
dapex dapex is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 484
Cheers all, Jevs, that is a beautiful dog you have, it almost made me want one, but one reason I want cav is that i dont think I would be able to commit to the longs walks that the springer would need. maybe in the future....

Cheers again

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Old 17-11-04, 18:53
beege_3 beege_3 is offline
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Location: Blackpool, Lancashire
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hey dave,
i think that King Charles Cav&#39;s are one of the most beatuiful dogs and we (myself and the missus) plan to keep a Tricolour along with a Shar-Pei...

They are great family dogs, and amazing companions... here is some more information on them http://www.cavaliers.co.uk/

Pm me with pics if and when you get one,
Bryan and Natalie...

New Pics from our holiday in Gran Canaria, along with pics from Palmitos Park in GC...
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Old 17-11-04, 19:05
dapex dapex is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 484
Cheers for the link, the wife still says i cant have a dog, but i will just go out with my daughter and buy one, it wont be just yet though, as i want to get my tank up and running fully, and a few other things are high on my priority list at present.

When i get one I am planning to get a blenheim.

Cheers all

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Old 18-11-04, 07:48
Sir_depraved Sir_depraved is offline
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Check out www.epupz.co.uk and they will show who has puppies for sale.

Got my boxer through this site.

Register as its free
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