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Old 11-11-06, 10:13
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Flatworm Causes and Cures

Hi everyone,
I am about to pick a tank up that has had an outbreak of flatworm (not ideal, I know!); can anyone give me an idea on what may be the cause of this, plus a cure? I will be taking the rock/corals/fish out first (I have another tank to put these in). Can I treat the rock with something? I intend dumping the sand, then totally disinfecting the tank before I start setting it up; what would I use for this?
Any help would be greatly apprecaited!
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Old 11-11-06, 10:44
Stevie Lee Stevie Lee is offline
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the main cause for these getting to plague proportions are low flow which in turn causes a build up of detrius for them to eat. once the detrius is gone they will slowly die back. you can do a fresh water dip when you transfere the rock over. this will hep bring the numbers down again.
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Old 11-11-06, 12:02
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they are synonamous with new tanks... and will come and go, ensure you have a good clean up crew, good flow and they will soon dissapear... I had a problem to begin with, but now they have died back... can't find one...

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Old 11-11-06, 14:18
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My flatworm population was on the decline after the initial explosion. I add a Iridis wrasse and now I can't see a single flatworm!

Might be just a coincidence though


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