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Old 13-06-09, 23:12
Reeferdude Reeferdude is offline
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My DIY Metal Aquarium stand

Hi all im in the thought process of a diy aquarium stand made of metal and clad with wood, im building it for my 5x2x2 tank and sump, i was jus wondering if any1 out there has done a similar thing. My worry is not making it strong enough to support the 800kg+ of swaying aquarium tank. i have a rough idea of how to put it together but dont have a scooby as to how thick the metal needs to be or what shape metal to use i.e box,angle or a combo of the 2 maybe with some flat really not sure, So if any1 has had any experience at making a metal stand for an aquarium please help lol
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Old 14-06-09, 00:16
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Tank stand

Hi there, although new to the marine scene myself ive been doing a lot of research and am about to build my own metal stand and then clad with wood. theres a few people that have done just that, look up reefbloke and take a look at his thread regarding his build, it is a fantastic looking stand he has built and really sets the benchmark.

you will find some very helpful pictures during his thread that will serve as a good guide to what you should be looking at.

if you dont have any welding experiance id seek someones help as you say its a lot of weight and the last thing anyone wants is a stand to collapse.

but to give you some indication, my construction that I will be starting on Tuesday is 40mm box section that will form the cage that the mdf will be clad over.

I know of a forum user that will make the stand for you at a very resonable price, however he cant deliver annd is in Canterbury.

Rgds Lee.
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Old 19-06-09, 11:58
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This is my stand for a 4x2x2 but its that strong it would easily accommodate 5 footer
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