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Probiotic and Ultra Low Nutrient Post your questions, advice or experiences concerning these new methods. e.g. Prodibio, Fauna Marin and Zeovit

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Old 04-11-11, 22:43
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How are the pellets doing in the little phosban am thinking of trying to, you got any pics also
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Old 02-12-11, 08:31
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What's everyone's opinions on whether to run phos remover separately or whether to leave the N/P pellets to reduce phos on their own?
Bio Pellets is not very good at removing po4. best to run separately as you will get better results.
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Old 30-01-12, 23:14
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any updates on using the phosban150?? how much pellets went in ??
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Old 11-02-12, 08:11
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Would also like to resurrect this thread...

I'm interested in the concept of using something to combat nitrates/phosphates long term, and started a thread on the Bio Aquatek page that seems to have resulted in Tony pulling his sponsorship....

Who is using pearls, and what impact are they having on your livestock? Are you dosing trace elements as well?

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Old 21-02-12, 09:15
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I found when I used bio pearls I got cynao but now I am using bio pellets my tank is clear and my nitrates are low..
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Old 28-09-12, 22:05
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IMHO biopellets should be a consideration. BUT. You have to have a good reactor. You need good suspension so a lot of flow. Reactors like phosban need a lot of cleaning even 2 times per week to maintain the good flow.
I really like to put food in the water and the biopellets seem to help me keep the system more "natural". They produce bacteria which are food supply for my corals.
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