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Old 29-07-10, 20:51
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Orca\boyu tl450 uv lamp problem


Has anyone had problems with the standard uv lamp in chamber 4. The red light went out on the connection box. i replaced the uv lamp with one of ebay. Plugged it in and still no light and the lamp wasnt working. Then bought a new connection box and tryed that, no luck. The only thing left is the solid plastic trasformer plug which i can take apart. Maybe the fuse in the plug has gone.
Any ideas?

Cheers rob
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Old 30-07-10, 07:54
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If thats the only bit left then it seems like the likely culprit, I've never ran the the UV on mine, didn't work from day one and never felt the need to use it.
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Old 30-07-10, 07:55
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Haven't used ours since day one either.
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Old 30-07-10, 08:00
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Just leave it off never run mine! Only in there to run the skimmer
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Old 30-07-10, 08:31
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Same here..I run an Orca 450 as a QT tank and did away with the UV and original skimmer and replaced the skimmer and used the UV chamber simply as media filtration.....(think the UV are historically not much use, same with the original skimmer)......
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