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View Poll Results: X-Aqua's or Weir?
X-Aqua in/outs 46 37.70%
Weir with twin standpipe 64 52.46%
Overflow Box 5 4.10%
Other 9 7.38%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 122. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 28-03-12, 15:48
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X-Aqua or Weir?

Ive been given the go ahead for a new tank and keep changing my mind about its set-up.

Should i go for X-aqua in/outs or a weir with twin standpipe?

Quietness, ease of setup and maintenance is the priority as i go away with work and the wife dosnt want anything that may go 'wrong'.

Id also like to maximise tank space (good thing about x-aquas). Im aware that far more people have weirs than x-aquas so im expecting the results to be scewed slightly....

Now then.......T5's, radions or AI sols....
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Old 28-03-12, 15:50
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I had a external weir on my nano, As you say maximizing tank space.
But on my new build i have gone for xaqua, And Radions!!
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Old 28-03-12, 16:08
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My xaqua is fantastic, took a few days of getting the noise to settle, had to move about the larger ( water to sump) pipe..
TOMS 30x30x24 DIY CUBE, fitted with G2 Radion http://www.ultimatereef.net/forums/s...d.php?t=618147 now closed ....

ubique quo fas et gloria ducunt
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Old 28-03-12, 18:29
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alexmoody alexmoody is offline
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weir with twin stand pipe is far more versatile and i would imagine alot quieter

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Old 28-03-12, 18:40
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having owned an xaqua i would strongly recommend a standard weir with a twin standpipe. the twin will be silent, and with twice the overflow pipes, a much lower chance of flooding
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Old 28-03-12, 18:58
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I've supplied loads of systems utilising X-aquas with just the one client saying it was noisy, after retrieving the system and running it for a week next to my sofa in the lounge, I could find no fault, it's very quiet.

The fix?... No idea, didn't even have the exit going through a filter sock !
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Old 28-03-12, 19:33
Jimbo83 Jimbo83 is offline
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Vertex Illumina?
I said never again.......again......
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Old 28-03-12, 20:14
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Originally Posted by Jimbo83 View Post
Vertex Illumina?
Erm....... How does that get water to the sump?

If your refering to the lighting quandry which obviously you are, i did look at them but they are outrageously priced. 1500 for a 3ft standard model and 2K for the 260 series it is way out my price range.
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Old 28-03-12, 20:16
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Ultra-thin weir - the benefits of a twin pipe system without the intrusion of a box type weir.

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Old 28-03-12, 20:42
FishRoss FishRoss is offline
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How about an external weir with twin standpipes, IMO looks better than x aquas
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