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Old 03-09-12, 10:19
netty-ray netty-ray is online now
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cleaning a bow front tank

hi all, does anyone know how to clean the glass on a bow front tank without scratching it? as most mag cleaners scratch.thanks ray.
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Old 03-09-12, 10:39
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Moray Eel
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cleaned mine with a small mag cleaner,wont scatch as long as your carefull,if it fulls off into the sand clean it off berfore reataching as this will scratch it
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Old 03-09-12, 11:08
netty-ray netty-ray is online now
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 561
is it best to use a small mag cleaner rather than a large one?
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Old 03-09-12, 11:13
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Size of the cleaner doesn't really matter. Is the tank acrylic? That might the reason why it's getting scratched. I have a glass bow fronted tank that I use magnetic cleaners and they don't scratch.
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Old 03-09-12, 11:39
netty-ray netty-ray is online now
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 561
its a glass bow front i just dident whant to scratch it so i thought i would ask u guys before i used anythink.
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Old 03-09-12, 12:47
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Hobby Algae Magnets have two blades and guarantee to clean your glass without scratching mate whether bow front or flat. I bought a small version to try. Impressed with how it dealt with my tank but the magnet strength leaves a lot to be desired. That's now on my frag tank and I'm getting a Jumbo version now for the display which is a bow front btw.
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