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Filtration Skimmers, Live rock, DSB, etc

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Old 28-11-13, 08:43
darren_sims darren_sims is offline
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best skimmer to buy?

Hi all, I've got a aqua reef 400 and I'm wanting to upgrade the skimmer any idea what the best skimmer I could get for this size tank, bearing in mind the Sumps on there's are rather small, if anyone has a aquareef what skimmers do you use.

Cheers guys l
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Old 05-12-13, 15:39
Jamie @ Vertex Jamie @ Vertex is offline
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measure the size of the sump. The new Vertex Omega 130 is rated just under 400l, but, as I did some of the practical tests, I know it can handle more. Footprint is about 18cm x26cm. Might be the solution. We do have the Omega-150, as well.


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Old 05-12-13, 15:53
taiyab_p taiyab_p is online now
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Have a look at the bubble magus curve 7 or nac7.. both would be good for that size tank and fairly small footprint too.
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Old 12-12-13, 08:02
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best skimmer to buy?

I can recommend the vertex omega 150 great well built unit which works brilliantly. imagine the 130 is just as good
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Old 19-12-13, 13:45
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I'm using a deltec sc1350 on my aquareef 300, it has the same sump as the 400.
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