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Family: Pomacanthidae
Angels consist some of the most beautifully coloured fish that can be kept in the reef aquarium. However keeping them requires careful selection. Small angels of genus Centropyge tend to be the least destructive, with some of the large angels being very destructive. There is a danger to soft corals especially zoanthid, hard corals especially LPS and also a tendancy to pick at clams. Any coral not at it's best will also attract the attention of the resident angel. They can live for months with a coral and not touch it in any way, then something happens such as a heater failure etc., the coral sulks and the angel decides that it would make a good meal. Angels are browsers and have the tendacy to graze and taste whether something is ediable. Normally they tend to feed on the mucus of corals rather than the corals themselves. Corals least likely to picked upon are noxious corals such as mushroom corals and soft corals of the genus Alcyonium and Cladiella. As a generalisation (there are exceptions) feeding angels does not raise many problems, as they will accept a variety of food commonly available. Being omnivorous, it is important to include marine algae in their diet. Especially with the larger angels, try to feed a food mix that contain sponges as this forms part of their diet in the wild. Keeping angels well fed and staggering the feeding 2-3 times a day will minimise the risk to corals in the tank. There should be plenty of liverock for the angel to browse. Angels have a gill spine, you need to be careful that this isn't caught in the net when capturing the fish.

Genus: Apolemichthys
This genus consist of some the most hardy angels together with species which really should be left in the ocean. Quite often Angels of this genus will live for years with a coral and then start picking on it whilst an adult. All species in this genus fair better in tank filled with liverock.
Apolemichthys arcuatus
Apolemichthys griffisi
Apolemichthys trimaculatus
Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus
Apolemichthys xanthotis
Bandit Angel
Griffis Angel
Three Spot Angel
Goldflake Angel
Yellow-ear angel

Genus: Centropyge
Pygmy/Dwarf Angels
Pygmy/Dwarf angels are the main stay of the aquarium trade, they are very attractive fish. However they are notorius coral nippers. Quite often they are not actually feeding on the coral but the mucus. This can be an irritant to the coral and cause it not to open up properly and lead to it's demise. They are also notorius for picking at clam mantles, zooanthids and feather duster worms. Having said this, it is also quite common for them not to touch corals. A particular species may in one tank nip at corals, when in another not touch the same species. They are very variable in this aspect. Once they are established in the tank, they can be quite territorial to new introduced fish. This is very common in small tanks. So it is always best to be one of the last fish introduced.
Centropyge acanthops
Centropyge argi
Centropyge aurantius
Centropyge bicolor
Centropyge bispinosus
Fireball Angel
Cherub Angel
Golden angel
Bicolour Angel
Coral Beauty
Centropyge boylei
Centropyge colini
Centropyge eibli
Centropyge ferrugata
Centropyge flavissimus
Peppermint Angel
Colin's Angel
Eibl's Angel
Rusty Angel
Lemonpeel Angel
Centropyge heraldi
Centropyge hotumatua
Centropyge interruptus
Centropyge joculator
Centropyge loricula
False Lemonpeel Angel
Hotumatua Pygmy Angel
Japanese Pygmy Angel
Joculator Pygmy Angel
Flame Angel
Centropyge multicolor
Centropyge multifasciata
Centropyge nox
Centropyge potteri
Centropyge tibicen
Multicolour Angel
Multibarred Angel
Midnight Angel
Potters Angel
Keyhole Dwarf Angel
Centropyge venustus
Centropyge woodheadi
Venustus Pygmy Angel
Woodhead's Angel

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