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SubOrder: Gobioidei
True Gobies
Family: Gobiidae
Genus: Amblyeleotris
Amblyeleotris callopareia
Amblyeleotris diagonalis
Diagonal shrimp goby
Amblyeleotris guttata
Orangespotted shrimp goby
Amblyeleotris periophthalma
Broadbanded Shrimp Goby
Amblyeleotris randalli
Randall's shrimp goby
Amblyeleotris steinitzi
Steintz's shrimp goby
Amblyeleotris wheeleri
Wheeler's shrimp goby
Genus: Amblygobius
Amblygobius bynoensis
Whitespot head goby
Amblygobius hectori
Hector's goby
Amblygobius phalaena
Banded Goby
Amblygobius rainfordi
Rainfords goby
Genus: Asterropteryx
Asterropteryx ensifera
Genus: Cryptocentrus
Cryptocentrus aurora
Aurora goby
Cryptocentrus cinctus
Yellow watchman goby
Cryptocentrus leptocephalus
Pinkspotted shrimp goby
Cryptocentrus sp.
Blue-spotted watchman goby
Genus: Ctenogobiops
Ctenogobiops tangaroai
Tangaroa shrimp goby
Genus: Discordipinna
Discordipinna griessingeri
Flaming prawn goby/Griessinger's goby
Genus: Elacatinus
Elacatinus oceanops
Neon goby
Elacatinus puncticulatus
Redhead goby
Elacatinus randalli
Neon goby
Genus: Eviota
Eviota pellucida
Gold neon goby
Genus: Fusigobius
Fusigobius inframaculatus
Blotched sand goby
Genus: Gobiodon
Gobiodon citrinus
Citroen/Safron clown goby
Gobiodon histrio
Green clown goby
Gobiodon okinawae
Yellow clown goby
Genus: Istigobius
Istigobius ornatus
Ornate Goby
Istigobius sp.
Genus: Lythrypnus
Lythrypnus dalli
Catalina goby
Genus: Nassarius
Nassarius consensa
Soft Coral Goby
Genus: Paragobiodon
Paragobiodon echinocephalus
Redhead Goby
Paragobiodon lacunicolus
Panda Coral Goby
Genus: Pleurosicya
Pleurosicya micheli
Michael's host goby
Genus: Priolepis
Priolepis boreus
Priolepis nocturnus
Circus goby
Genus: Signigobius
Signigobius biocellatus
Twin spot Goby
Genus: Stonogobiops
Stonogobiops dracula
Dracula Shrimp-Goby
Stonogobiops nematodes
Highfin red banded goby
Stonogobiops yasha
Yasha goby
Genus: Trimma
Trimma rubromaculatus
Firecracker Goby
Genus: Valenciennea
Valenciennea longipinnis
Glider sleeper goby
Valenciennea puellaris
Orangespotted sleeper goby
Valenciennea sexguttata
Six Spot Sleeper Goby
Valenciennea strigata
Blue cheek sleeper Goby
Valenciennea wardii
Wards sleeper goby
Dartfish, Wormfish
Family: Microdesmidae
Genus: Nemateleotris
Nemateleotris decora
Purple Fire goby
Nemateleotris helfrichi
Helfrichi fire goby
Nemateleotris magnifica
Fire goby
Genus: Ptereleotris
Ptereleotris evides
Scissortail dartfish
Ptereleotris hanae
Blue Hana dartfish
Ptereleotris uroditaenia
Flagtail dartfish
Ptereleotris zebra
Zebra dart dartfish

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