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Family: Labridae
Banana Wrasses
Thalassoma bifasciatum
Bluehead wrasse
Thalassoma hardwicke
Sixbar wrasse
Thalassoma klunzingeri
Kluzinger Wrasse
Thalassoma lunare
Moon wrasse
Thalassoma lutescens
Sunset wrasse/Yellow moon wrasse
Thalassoma quinquevittatum
Fivestripe wrasse
Bird Wrasses
Gomphosus varius
Green birdnose wrasse
Cleaner Wrasses
Labroides dimidiatus
Cleaner wrasse
Labroides phthirophagus
Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse
Larabicus quadrilineatus
Red Sea cleaner wrasse
Coris Wrasses
Coris aygula
Two spot wrasse
Coris formosa
Formosa wrasse
Coris gaimard
Yellowtail coris - Juvenile
Coris gaimard
Yellowtail coris - Adult
Fairy Wrasses
Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis
Orange-back fairy wrasse - Male
Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis
Orange-back fairy wrasse - Female
Cirrhilabrus bathyphilus
hooded fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus
Exquisite fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus flavidorsalis
Yellow fin fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus jordani
Hawiian Flame Wrasse
Cirrhilabrus laboutei
Laboute's fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus lineatus
Purple lined fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus lubbocki
Lubbock's fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis
Rhomboid Fairy Wrasse
Cirrhilabrus roseafascia
Rose-band fairy wrasse - Male
Cirrhilabrus roseafascia
Rose-band fairy wrasse - Female
Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus
Red margined fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis
Rosy Scaled wrasse
Cirrhilabrus scottorum
Scott's fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus solorensis
Solar fairy wrasse
Flasher Wrasses
Paracheilinus carpenteri
Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse
Paracheilinus filamentosus
Filamented flasher wrasse
Paracheilinus lineopunctatus
Dot and Dash flasher wrasse
Paracheilinus mccoskeri
McCosker's flasher wrasse
Paracheilinus octotaenia
Eightlined flasher wrasse
Halichoeres Wrasses
Halichoeres chloropterus
Pastel green wrasse
Halichoeres chrysus
Bannana wrasse
Halichoeres cosmetus
Adorned wrasse
Halichoeres garnoti
Yellowhead wrasse - Adult Male
Halichoeres garnoti
Yellowhead wrasse - Juvenile Male
Halichoeres hortulanus
Checkerboard wrasse
Halichoeres iridis
Iridis Wrasse
Halichoeres leucoxanthus
White belly wrasse
Halichoeres margaritaceus
Pink bellied wrasse
Halichoeres melanurus
Tail-spot wrasse - Male
Halichoeres ornatissimus
Red Checkerboard wrasse
Halichoeres trispilus
Four spot yellow coris
Leopard Wrasses
Macropharyngodon bipartitus
Splendid leopard wrasse - Male
Macropharyngodon bipartitus
Splendid leopard wrasse - Female
Macropharyngodon choati
Choat's leopard wrasse - Adult
Macropharyngodon cyanoguttatus
Blue spotted leopard wrasse
Macropharyngodon meleagris
Black spotted leopard wrasse
Macropharyngodon negrosenses
Black leopard wrasse
Macropharyngodon ornatus
Ornate Leopard Wrasse
Lined Wrasses
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Six line wrasse
Pseudocheilinus ocellatus
Mystery wrasse
Pseudocheilinus octotaenia
Eight line wrasse
Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia
Four line wrasse
Possum Wrasses
Wetmorella nigropinnata
Yellow banded possum wrasse
Wetmorella trilineata
Pygmy Possum wrasse
Rockmover Wrasses
Novaculichthys taeniourus
Dragon wrasse
Tamarin Wrasses
Anampses caeruleopunctatus
Blue spotted tamarin wrasse
Anampses meleagrides
Yellow-Tail Wrasse
Anampses neoguinaicus
New Guinea wrasse
Thicklip Wrasse
Hemigymnus melapterus
Black lipped/Half naked wrasse - Juvenile
Choerodon fasciatus
Harlequin tusk fish

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